Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Long Exposure at the Festival of Speed

Going back a little way now to the Goodwood Festival of Speed since I didn't show these off at the time.  I dragged my tripod around the Cathedral Paddock and the Cartier Style et Luxe on the Thursday afternoon to get some daylight long exposure shots.  Shutter speeds here vary from 2.5 seconds up to 13 seconds.  Then just had to try and get the colour balance a bit better.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Petrolhead Nirvana

August meet at the Ace Cafe

The Free Olympics

Be inspired they said. Well to be honest its the Olympics that inspired me to get around to starting this blog.  Without tickets for any of the events we headed into Central London for both the Women's and the Men's marathons and there was a quick visit to the Hyde Park big screens in between.  I've never felt such a good atmosphere in London before, flags of all colours flying side by side and competitors of every country cheered enthusiastically.

Women on their second lap of the city loop exciting the Guildhall square.

 Take a right down to the Bank of England

The British athletes admittedly got the largest cheers.

As seen from the Millenium footbridge, the height of the newly opened Shard at London Bridge is astonishing compared to its surroundings.

Hyde Park on a Tuesday afternoon and there is excitement in the air as Laura Trott lines up for the last 500m time trial of the Omnium.

A couple of minutes later the flags were waving as she paraded round the Velodrome newly crowned gold medalist.

Just a cool doorway.

Fast forward to the last day of the games and the mens Marathon around the same route.  Two men called Kiprotich, seen here at Monument on the second City lap, the Kenyan currently up front.


The Ugandan would take gold 

The home crowd cheer on Scott Overall.

An Introduction

And so it should, I think, begin with an introduction.  Rather than using this Blog as a way of recycling content that can be found, researched or ‘stolen’ from elsewhere on the internet I simply fancied a place where I could share new things, pretty much exclusively in the form of photos I have taken myself.  Sometimes there’ll be accompanying text, sometimes not.  I feel no necessity to post every day but as and when I’ve got something suitable.