Tuesday, 14 August 2012

An Introduction

And so it should, I think, begin with an introduction.  Rather than using this Blog as a way of recycling content that can be found, researched or ‘stolen’ from elsewhere on the internet I simply fancied a place where I could share new things, pretty much exclusively in the form of photos I have taken myself.  Sometimes there’ll be accompanying text, sometimes not.  I feel no necessity to post every day but as and when I’ve got something suitable.

I’m not very interested in social networking.  Don’t expect (and perhaps even rejoice in the lack of) detail about personal goings on.  Do expect to see photographs I have taken that I kinda just liked but had no other outlet for.
A lot of what I capture is automotive related as that's my prime area of interest.  Not all of it though and I tend to take a camera with me to most places and do my best to take images that I think I’ll be happy with, often learning as I go.  That’s the reason for the working title of the blog.  Not Always Auto. It won't be.

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